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by Melissa Raulston on October 18, 2015

Black Dog Glass

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My name is Kyle Herr. I'm twenty-nine years old and was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee.  At a young age, an interest in the arts was developed in me through both of my grandmother's, whom found opportunities to paint for a living. One was a commercial artist and did work by hand on ceramics. The other, a portrait painter, first for the Navy, later in life independently in New Orleans.
While attending Overton High School, in Memphis, glassblowing became a medium I was made aware of. I was hooked before ever trying it. The process and qualities of the material captivated me.
After much research, I ended up studying sculpture and focusing in glass as a material, at Alfred University.  
By the spring of 2008 I had finished a BFA and had to decide, "what do I do now...?"
At the time I had a college buddy from Seattle that was going back for the summer and he suggested I give it a shot. Seeing as how it's sort of a "mecca" for glass artists I went.  Close to three thousand miles later I was there with a bag of tools and clothes, looking for jobs blowing glass.
Five and a half years later, I had worked for numerous artists, companies, and individuals. All of whom had something to teach. Whether it be knowledge of the craft, life lessons, business skills, etc. 
Then, by spring of 2013 an opportunity came along to come to New Orleans GlassWorks, as the resident artist. I thought about it, and decided to give it a shot. By September of 2013 I had made it here and started to settle in. I have spent my time here residing in the studio in the studio, where I teach and share my passion for glass with the public. At the same time I have collaborated with other local glass artists in an attempt to create new and exciting work.