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by Melissa Raulston on October 18, 2015


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Maria Fomich graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Cleveland Ohio, with a degree in Jewelry/Metal Arts. A local by heart and birth she pulls inspiration from the beauty she finds in nature, design, positivity, and culture.
Using traditional metalsmithing techniques from sweat soldering to cold joining Maria transforms raw metal into art for the body. Her work is expressive and thoughtful; she lovingly refers to it as ‘Meaningful Adornment’.
Maria’s partner Patrick Shonk graduated from Cabrillo College in Aptos California with an associate’s degree in Fine Art. He joined Maria in New Orleans after their adventurous meeting at the Burning Man Festival 3 years ago. Patrick’s inspired by patterns and textures found in nature and in urban landscapes.
Maria and Patrick are changing the world, one handmade item at a time.