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by Melissa Raulston on October 18, 2015

Dead Things by Sarah

  • Jewelry

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I make one of a kind jewelry out of bones, stone, fur, vintage materials, dead stock, found objects and more under the name Dead Things by Sarah as my full time vagabond money-making position, but I am also a visual artist, musician (my last band, The Deceitful Lapwings, are near and dear to my heart), and writer who published a book of poetry many moons ago and has worked as a freelance entertainment writer since in Minneapolis, MN and now in my new-ish home of Louisville, KY. I'm a loving cat mom, a doting aunt, a devourer of tacos, and I have a reasonably healthy obsession with Tom Cruise movies. In my spare time, what little there is since jewelry joyfully took over my life, I love to cook, clean, go hiking, enjoy a bourbon or three, and spend time with friends and family. I also quite enjoy a good game of Scrabble.