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by Melissa Raulston on October 18, 2015

Charles Anderson

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Originally from New Jersey, Charles moved to New Orleans in order to bring peace to the streets of the city. From 2007 to 2011, he organized hundreds of marches, vigils, meetings, art shows and classes, all around stopping the violence, mostly in the areas of the city that were historically the most violent. After a request to do a portrait from a mother who lost her son to violence, Charles pursued drawing portraits of victims of violence for each one of their mothers. Over the past four years, he has expanded that mission and began to draw people who were involved in the New Orleans peace movement. He uses his art to show the positive people in New Orleans working hard to change the lives of our young people.

In addition to drawing, Charles is an accomplished abstract expressionist who paints onto used blazers as part of his business, "1 of 1 Blazers." His use of action painting is meant to express the force, rhythm, and passion of the human personality. It is meant to serve as a celebration of the beauty, grandeur and vitality of human life as part of his on-going mission to spread a message of peace and respect of life.

Charles’ art career is short but many see much promise in his talent and mission. In 2015, five years after Charles began to draw, he won top prize at the Southeast's largest art competition, ArtFields. Chris Rose, the New Orleans award-winning writer, wrote, “At 26, Anderson is yet another gifted, determined, wide-eyed idealist from the Northeast who has harnessed the limitless possibilities of the New Orleans landscape to transform himself and, if possible, the world around him.” His art has been covered by ABC News with a Twist, Fox 8 News, Times-Picayune, The Trumpet, and BreakThru Magazine